The Annotated Edition of The Revelations of Joseph Smith, Jr.


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The Annotated Edition of  The Revelations of Joseph Smith, Jr.

David R. Hocking, Managing Editor

First Edition – In Stock Now!

 362 Pages with Insights, Illustrations, Artwork and Reformatted Text.

The Annotated Edition of the Revelations of Joseph Smith, Jr. has the chronological history of the Restoration as recorded in his personal journal. It is divided in 4 distinct time periods:

• The coming forth of the Book of Mormon (20 revelations)
• The Church of Christ period (April 6, 1830-May 3, 1834; 90 revelations)
• The Church of the Latter Day Saints period (May 3, 1834-April 26, 1838; 14 revelations)
• The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints period (April 26, 1838; 20 revelations)

From the gorgeous cover with new artwork by David Lindsley, to the gilded pages filled with annotations, insights and a comprehensive Index, the book’s unique appeal stems, in part, from the fact that it is the first edition of Joseph Smith’s revelations to be arranged in chronological order creating a form of a narrative as the restoration of the fulness of the gospel and priesthood keys are obtained. The voices of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are in red text which enhances their roles in instructing and guiding Joseph and the Saints in the early stages of the restoration of the Church.