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Twelve years in the making, this volume gives powerful testimony to the fact that the Book of Mormon is indeed a rich Hebrew literary masterpiece centered on Jesus Christ and translated through the gift and power of God. The chief editor of this annotated edition, David R. Hocking of Raleigh, North Carolina, began the project more than ten years ago as a hobby and as a way of enhancing his own family’s study of the Book of Mormon. Two years ago Hocking crossed paths with bestselling author and researcher Rodney Meldrum—whose book Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland is one of the bestselling titles on the physical evidence for the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon—the two worked together to augment the literary treatment with the growing body of pre-Columbian evidences that have been discovered in the New World.

To that work has been added the breakthrough historical research conducted by Jonathan Neville (frequent presenter at the John Whitmer Historical association, the Mormon History Association and most recently as a presenter at the Joseph Smith Papers Symposium). Neville’s findings from the Joseph Smith Papers are casting new light on early Church history and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, correcting many flawed assumptions which are now clarified by the new information coming from the JSP Project.

At least a dozen other experts in a variety of research fields have also contributed to the work, experts in Mosaic Law, archaeology, ancient languages, Native American studies, metallurgy, 19th century Church history, cartography, anthropology, etc.

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