The Annotated Edition of the New Testament of Jesus Christ

David R. Hocking, Managing Editor

Shawn Hugh, Associate Editor

Annotated Edition of the
New Testament of Jesus Christ
Joseph Smith Translation • 1867 First Edition

The Come Follow Me course for 2023 will be on the New Testament. Available for study is the complete Joseph Smith Translation that uses the 1867 First Edition text. This presentation will highlight the importance God placed on having Joseph Smith correct this sacred scripture, and once he completed it, to publish it to the world.

488 Pages with Insights, Illustrations, New Testament artwork and reformatted text.

The Annotated Edition of the New Testament of Jesus Christ – Joseph Smith Translation uses the 1867 first edition public domain text.

From the gorgeous cover to the gilded pages filled with annotations, insights and a comprehensive Index, the book’s unique appeal stems, in part, from the fact that it is the first Joseph Smith Translation edition to feature changing font colors throughout the text: red for Deity, blue for angels and quoted scripture, and italicized blue for the voice of Satan.

The familiar texts have been treated in three unique dimensions:

  • 1st, LITERARY treatment of the text;
  • 2nd, addition of “INSIGHT” pages;
  • 3rd, use of vast amounts of COLOR in a variety of forms.

The text has not been altered, but the formatting and literary presentation of the text has, e.g., verses are combined into coherent paragraphs; new descriptive headers appear within chapters over each new thought. Verse numbers are superscripted; poetical stanzas shown in their Hebraic forms; quotation marks, indentation of prophecies and much more. Ancient Hebraic writing forms such as psalms, parallelisms, etc. are shown in-context along with font colors which identifies the voice of the speaker.

The Annotated Edition gives powerful testimony to the fact that the revisions, as revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith from June 1830 – July 1833, provide clarity, restores lost meanings, and testify that his inspired revisions and corrections enlightens and inspires.

The collaboration of David R. Hocking, Managing Editor, and Shawn Hugh, Associate Editor, has produced this beautifully re-formatted colorized text which includes artwork by master painters along with numerous “Insights” from varied theologians, prophets, apostles and academics. The Editors have deepened their love and faith in our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, His life and teachings, and reaffirmed their love and reverence for the New Testament as has been revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.

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The Annotated Edition is more like a textbook for those that want a more in-depth understanding of the people, places and events that shape the narrative. There are annotations, research articles, diagrams, charts and maps – all helpful to understanding this ancient text that supports the traditional King James Version New Testament.


You’ll find it easier (and much faster) to read and understand in its non-verse format. You can immediately tell by colors, indentations, paragraphs and quotations who is speaking.


The annotations, “Insight pages,” and comprehensive Appendix are all enlightening and testimony strengthening.

The Annotated Edition of The Book of Mormon


THE ANNOTATED EDITION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT OF JESUS CHRIST has been formatted to enlarge our understanding of and give reverence to this unique and sacred volume of ancient Biblical history of early Christianity. The reader will immediately note that the text is structured and formatted differently from the versions currently in print.

THE ANNOTATION OF THE TEXT utilizes several style elements:

  • Use of quotations when there is speech
  • Use of paragraphs for complete thoughts
  • Use of color for clarity of voice spoken: Red for Deity; Blue for angels and quoted scripture; italicized Blue for Satan
  • Use of italics for paraphrased quotes
  • Use of capitalized references to LORD, i.e. Me, Mine, etc.
  • Use of style elements for emphasis, i.e. prophecies are indented
  • Use of capitalized nouns.

The original content of KJV The New Testament has been revised by inspiration the Prophet Joseph Smith received by commandment. The formatting of the text and its literary representation has been revised and enhanced by the Managing Editor.

The literary treatment combines verses into coherent paragraph structures then adds descriptive headers within chapters. Verse numbers are superscripted; poetical stanzas are shown in their Hebraic forms; quotation marks and indentation identify voices of speakers; Ancient Hebraic writing forms and word-patterns are shown in-context along with font colors which are used to establish textual hierarchy.

The Annotated Edition of The Book of Mormon
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